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Blown Off! 8-20-18

Kyle is trying to figure out what happened to Shannon. They met on Plenty of Fish and went out for a couple of drinks.

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Blown Off 8-17-18

Charlie and Evan met at a business event. They talked in the hall and he asked her to have dinner that night! Strong start but now communication is weak. What happened?

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Blown Off! 8-16-18

Lance is trying to figure out what happened to Sharon. They met at a wedding and hit it off on a date but now nothing.

08/16/2018 download 

Blown Off! 8-14-18

Madeline met Gary on Her friends signed her up on Match without her knowing. Now she hasn’t heard back from him.

08/14/2018 download 

Blown Off! 8-13-18

Liza met Jared on Bumble. Did she get too drunk at their wine tasting?

08/13/2018 download 

Blown Off! 8-8-18

Jackson met Yasmine met on Bumble. He thought she was super hot. Was the first kiss the deal breaker?

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Blown Off! 8-7-18

Mikayla met Henry at Target. They were both weirdly returning kitchen gadgets. I guess it wasn’t fate, she hasn’t heard back after their date!

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Blown Off! 8-6-18

Darryl met Marina on Tinder. They went on 3 dates but now there’s no communication. Was he too much of a gentleman?

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Blown Off! 8-3-18

Lupe is wondering why Anthony hasn’t called her back. Their last convo consisted of him accusing her of having an STD…

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Blown Off! 8-2-18

Brittany works with Quan. They had a hot mahout date and now she never sees him at work anymore.

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Blown Off! 8-1-18

Jason got Blown Off by Everett. The sparks flew after some casual hangouts. They had a pool party and now he hasn’t heard back!

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Blown Off! 7-31-18

Olivia met Shaun on bumble a few months ago. She bought him a gift after dating a month or so then he totally blew her off after. We find out why!

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Blown Off 7-30-18

Miguel and some observations about young guys in the club. Holly and her boyfriend got a little rowdy at a family restaurant.

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Blown Off 7-20-18

Reyna met Christian in a sort of blind date fashion. Did he not like her? She’s hasn’t gotten a call back but the night was so much fun!

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Blown Off 7-19-18

Nathan hasn’t heard from Claudette after a great date. We have to find out why!

07/19/2018 download 

Blown Off! 7-17-18

Laura hasn’t heard from Trent! We have to figure out what happened!

07/17/2018 download 

Blown Off! 7-16-18

Lisa is trying to figure out where Jacob disappeared to. Apparently Jacob had the weirdest night of his life!

07/16/2018 download 

Blown Off 7-13-18

Paola felt the sparks from Mikey. They met at the farmer’s market and hit it off. He hasn’t called her back after the date though!

07/13/2018 download 

Blown Off! 7-12-18

Heaven is trying to figure out where Tyler has disappeared to after this date. We get him on the phone!

07/12/2018 download 

Blown Off 7-11-18

Jake is in a pickle with Stella. He hasn’t heard back after several dates. He ended up getting movies tickets and then seeing it alone!

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Blown Off! 7-10-18

Denise met Eric out at a Church festival. Then they went to the bar afterwards. They planned on meeting the next day at church and she couldn’t get a hold of him. He stood her up for church?!

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Blown Off! 7-9-18

Ben hasn’t heard back from Claire. They met through friends and went out a couple times. They went to the Logic concert. What went wrong?

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Blown Off! 7-5-18

Billy met Heaven at the gym. She corrected his form, they hit it off. They went to Hofbrauhaus but now he hasn’t heard back.

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Blown Off! 7-3-18

Brianna is trying to figure out why Lucas is throwin’ shade at her after they linked up. She got drunk AF and they were vibing but now nothing!

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Blown Off 7-2-18

Ronnie met Lori on He took her out to dinner, it was nice. A standard great date and she came over for a drink, now nothing.

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Blown Off! 6-29-18

Laticia is trying to figure out what happened to Darren after going on their date. They met for brunch after meeting on Plenty of Fish.

06/29/2018 download 

Blown Off! 6-28-18

Kendra is feeling the fire after Rafael blew her off! It was a one-and-done.

06/28/2018 download 

Blown Off 6-27-18

This isn’t a traditional Blown Off situation. Anne Marie got blown off by her best friend and we find out why!

06/27/2018 download 

Blown Off 6-26-18

JP met Carly on Bumble. He has a Scottish accent and she really dug it. They went out for dinner and music and had a great time. She didn’t call him back. We find out what happened.

06/26/2018 download 

Blown Off! 6-25-18

Charley hasn’t heard back from Gizelle. They met on Match then upgraded to some day drinks. He texted her the next day but nothing!

06/25/2018 download 

Blown Off! 6-22-18

Tolina met Liam on Instagram. They slid up in those DMs, went on a date, and now nothing!

06/22/2018 download 

Blown Off! 6-21-18

Ben and Nate met in Ybor. They had great conversation at Green Lemon, and then had a movie night the next day. Ben hasn’t heard back since.

06/21/2018 download 

Blown Off 6-20-18

Adam and Dana got set up through mutual friends. They went to the Avenue downtown and had a great time. She promised to see him again but now is flaking out on that. We find out why.

06/20/2018 download 

Blown Off! 6-19-18

Jeff is wondering what happened to Courtney. They matched on Tinder, escalated to some sexy snaps. A great date now nothing!

06/19/2018 download 

Blown Off! 6-18-18

Jenica met Jose at the beach. He approached their squad and they started chatting. A cute beach evening, turned into a date, then into days and nights together. Now absolutely nothing! He even threw out the “L” word!

06/18/2018 download 

Blown Off! 6-15-18

Lisa met Anderson out at a club. It was a straight hookup but they talked and bonded that night. Then absolutely nothing.. We find out what happened.

06/15/2018 download 

Blown Off! 6-14-18

Gabe wants us to call Monica after she ghosted him after a wedding party flirt situation turned to date.

06/14/2018 download 

Blown Off! 6-13-18

Kyla hasn’t heard from Wade after their date from Bumble. They went for yogurt in Tampa. What could go wrong?!

06/13/2018 download 

Blown Off! 6-12-18

Daren is in a pickle with Courtney after their date. He hasn’t heard back so we call her to find out why.

06/12/2018 download 

Blown Off! 06-11-18

Karisma and Dovann got close really fast, but Dovann had a secret that she didn't she coming!

06/11/2018 download 

Blown Off! 06-08-18

Ky & Ryan had a cute date, but she seemed to want to do a little more than cute...

06/08/2018 download 

Blown Off! 06-07-18

Terra and Titus had a nice date on a boat, but he saw something that turned him off!

06/07/2018 download 

Blown Off! 06-06-18

Anneliese and Brad go on a fun date at David Busters, but Brad has another view of this date.

06/06/2018 download 

Blown Off! 06-05-18

Philomina & Jackson met on, but Jackson has some baggage that he kept secret!

06/05/2018 download 

Blown Off 06-04-2018

Karen was blown off by Sammy! We get Sammy on the phone to find out why.

06/04/2018 download 

Blown Off 6-1-18

Brenden and Jackie met on Bumble. They got dinner and have a pretty good time. He hasn’t been on a good date in forever. It was that great for her though, he hasn’t gotten a call back.

06/01/2018 download 

Blown Off 05/31/2018

Rochelle and Robbie met on Tinder. They’ve gone on two great dates, one to drink, and one to dinner. Now she hasn’t heard back. We get Robbie on the phone!

05/31/2018 download 

Blown Off! 5-30-18

Kyle met Bella out at a bar. He gave her his number and she texted back the next day. They went out for drinks and conversation. He hasn’t heard from her since.

05/30/2018 download 

Blown Off! 5-29-18

Madison met Antonio at a party and they hit it off. They flirted, exchanged information, and went on a yoga date. Now she hasn’t heard back. We find out what happened!

05/29/2018 download 

Blown Off! 5-25-18

Kyle was Blown Off by Mandy. They initially met on Bumble, texted, then had a date.

05/25/2018 download 

Blown Off! 5-24-18

Lizette was Blown Off by Marco. It was a Tinder date, she was attracted to his tattoos. Was he too much of a bad boy?

05/24/2018 download 

Blown Off! 5-23-18

Cory met Heidi through friends. They went to walk around Hyde Park and a cupcake place. He hasn’t heard back.

05/23/2018 download 

Blown Off 5-22-18

Matilda is in the usual situation with Terry. So we find out what happened. They flirted, went out for coffee, then she didn’t hear back.

05/22/2018 download 

Blown Off 5-21-18

Justin met Hallie through mutual friends. They didn’t chat much before the first date so conversation was easy. No moves were made and he hasn’t heard back.

05/21/2018 download 

Blown Off! 5-18-18

Gretchen really had a thing for TJ. They met at Busch Gardens at a team building event. Now it’s awkward, she hasn’t heard back.

05/18/2018 download 

Blown Off!

Paul got blown off by Monica. The first date was dinner. A mellow meet and greet. They went out again to see The Avengers but now he hasn’t heard back.

05/17/2018 download 

Blown Off! 5-16-18

Clive met Dana through Bumble but they already knew each other. They reconnected and had a great date! She hasn’t called back..

05/16/2018 download 

Blown Off! 5-15-18

Christy and Jack met through Tinder, they had awesome dates. She blew her off the week of her birthday!

05/15/2018 download 

Blown Off! 5-14-18

Kayla met Rob at the diner she works at. They connected and went on a date, but she hasn’t heard back. Not something she wants to deal with after her graduation.

05/14/2018 download 

Blown Off! 5-11-18

Shane met Kelsea in a very unexpected way. He hasn’t heard back from her after a date.

05/11/2018 download 

Blown Off Replay 5-10-18

It's when you don't get a call back so we find out why!

05/10/2018 download 

Blown Off Replay 5-9-18

Mo met Amari on Bumble. They chatted a while and he asked her to dinner, season 52. It was really nice but he hasn’t heard back!

05/09/2018 download 

Blown Off Replay 5-8-18

Chips and Queso came between this couple..

05/08/2018 download 

Blown Off!

We revisit classic Blown Offs while Holly is out! Tamara is stuck in the past and she didn't get a call back from Hayden!

05/07/2018 download 

Blown Off! 5-4-18

Donovan met Bridgette on Tinder. They went on a date, drink, went well. They even had a second date with brunch for Sunday funday, which was short.. Now he hasn’t heard back.

05/04/2018 download 

Blown Off 5-3-18

Janice is trying to figure out why Derek hasn’t called her back. They met on Match and met up for a date at Ceviche.

05/03/2018 download 

Blown Off! 5-2-18

Cherry met Dennis through some friends on Instagram. There’s no way a cupcake date could go wrong, right? Wrong!

05/02/2018 download 

Blown Off! 5-1-18

Mike's mom set him up with Gina. Does that ever work? Obviously not.

05/01/2018 download 

Blown Off! 4-30-18

Lucas met Meredith while they both were out in DTSP. They basically made out ALL night. Now there’s no communication..

04/30/2018 download 

Blown Off

Find out who is getting Blown Off with Miguel & Holly

03/16/2018 download 

Blown Off

Find out who is getting Blown Off and why with Miguel and Holly

03/15/2018 download 

Blown Off

Find out who is getting Blown Off with Miguel & Holly

03/14/2018 download 

Blown Off!

Daren met Megan on Match. They went on a date then she blocked him on social media. We find out what happened!

03/12/2018 download 

Blown Off! 3-9-18

Shelby and Clay met on Match. Is this just a string of bad luck? He hasn’t called her back after the date and he seemed so nice.

03/09/2018 download 

Blown Off!

Suzanne met Cody on Tinder. Sometimes those can go badly but this went well on her end.. and now she hasn’t heard back so we’re calling Cody!

03/08/2018 download 

Blown Off!

Zeke met Margo through E Harmony. A great date and felt comfortable. Now nothing.

03/07/2018 download 

Blown Off!

Meredith met Martin out in SOHO. She stayed over at his place and it was a great weekend. She has NOT heard back and is wondering why.

03/06/2018 download 

Blown Off

Find out who is getting Blown Off with Miguel & Holly

03/05/2018 download 

Blown Off 3-1-18

Casey found Trevor through friends. Did her friends have her back? They went on two dates and no call back!

03/01/2018 download 

Blown Off!

Casey found Trevor through friends. Did her friends have her back? They went on two dates and no call back!

03/01/2018 download 

Blown Off!

Jeremy met Candice on Bumble. They went on 3 dates! Now he hasn’t heard has and is wondering why!

02/28/2018 download 

Blown Off!

Jason met Malia on Tinder. They went on a first date to Irish 31 for drinks and food. She brought a friend along.

02/27/2018 download 

Blown Off!

Kara met Alex online..They met up. Well Kara and Alex are swingers. Did springing this on them scare them off?

02/26/2018 download 

Quan and Valeka met through a mutual instagram friend. They went for mexican food! It’s what he ordered that turned her away.

Blown Off!

02/23/2018 download 

Rob met Lakyn met in school and he decided to ask her out. They went on a few small dates but now she won’t get back to him. We find out why!

Blown Off!

02/22/2018 download 

Monica met Dan on Tinder. She liked him a lot and had a great first date. Something happened in the car after that made dan run for the hills.

Blown Off!

02/19/2018 download 

Mandy met Rico through friends. It was a blind date and then he ghosted her. What went wrong?

Blown Off!

02/14/2018 download 

Thomas met Calvin through dating apps. They had dinner in New Tampa. He felt the chemistry but now is wondering why he hasn’t heard back after setting up the second date.

Blown Off!

02/13/2018 download 

Katie met Matt on Bumble. They went on multiple dates then he ghosted her. Why hasn’t she heard back?

Blown Off!

02/12/2018 download 

Caleb met Whitney at a friend’s birthday party. First date was all over town they drove around and talked. Now he hasn’t heard back!

Blown Off!

02/09/2018 download 

Bridgett met Teddy on Tinder. His photo made her swipe right.They went to Yogurtology then conversation came up about exes and she hasn’t heard back since.

Blown Off!

02/08/2018 download 

Cameron met Tess on Tinder. They went out to lunch in Downtown Tampa then walked around. He hasn’t heard back.

Blown Off!

02/07/2018 download 

Bella met Lamar on Hinge. They talked and texted and went out on a nice dinner. She ended up at his place but now nothing.

Blown Off!

01/30/2018 download 

Kevin met Jane through Facebook. He slide up in the DMs and they went on a lot of dates. Now he’s got no communications. We find out what happened.

Blown Off!

01/29/2018 download 

Jeff met Jenelle met on Match. They went on TWO dates. He thought she really liked him but now there’s no contact.

Blown Off!

01/26/2018 download 

Parker met Leanne through Bumble. His first online date, and subsequently a non response afterwards. We find out why!

Blown Off!

01/25/2018 download 

Kaylee got connected with Tommy through her friend. She often doesn’t have great luck.. Same here because he hasn’t called back after the date.

Blown Off!

01/24/2018 download 

Amaya met Devon on Tinder. They had some steamy chat sessions and hoped to continue it when they met. He stood her up!

Blown Off!

01/23/2018 download 

Nick met Jules met on They went to Bj’s in Clearwater. He suggested drinks after dinner and she said no. He hasn’t heard back since.

Blown Off!

01/22/2018 download 

Remember Lexi from last week? She found out the guy she was dating, Brian, is married. We're calling him!

Blown Off!

01/19/2018 download 

Michael met Julia got set up together by a mutual friend. He wasn’t sure she was his type but they went out and he felt great about it. She hasn’t called him back.

Blown Off!

01/18/2018 download 

Gabby met Simon on Tinder. They went Ice Skating at Countryside Mall but she has not heard back.

Blown Off!

01/17/2018 download 

Mario met Caitlyn on Bumble. They started messaging, had a ton in common, so he asked her out. They went to Starbucks but he hasn’t heard back.

Blown Off!

01/16/2018 download 

We play a requested classic!

Blown Off!

01/15/2018 download 

Blown Off!

Chad met Kayla on Tinder. Right away he was drawn in by her picture. He invited her to his place but she hasn’t called back after.

01/12/2018 download 

Jack met Lexi through a friend. They went out a couple times but now there’s no response. We call her to find out why!

Blown Off!

01/11/2018 download 

Adam met Becca on Match. They connected right before the Holidays. They hung out without really any plans and she came home with him. She hasn’t called back since!

Blown Off!

01/10/2018 download 

Rachel met Thomas for the first time at her work Holiday Party. They got coffee the next day but she never heard back!

Blown Off!

01/09/2018 download 

Larry is new to the Tampa Bay area. He met Gia at his apartment complex and hoped for a great match but she hasn’t called back after some drinks.

Blown Off!

01/08/2018 download 

Hilda hasn’t heard back from Trent after a party they went to together. She got a little drunk and they hooked up.

Blown Off!

12/22/2017 download 

Melinda met Rob on Tinder. They went our on a bar date, she never heard back. We find out what happened to Rob.

Blown Off!

12/21/2017 download 

Trina met Andrew on OKcupid. They went for a coffee date, then a second date at Dave & Busters. He LEFT during the second date!

Blown Off!

12/20/2017 download 

Micah met Daryn on Match. They went on 3 dates but now she hasn’t heard back. She’s confused as to why so we call Daryn to ask!

Blown Off!

12/19/2017 download 

Mindy met Chad last weekend through friend of a friend. They went to PF Changs and had fine time then he LEFT in the middle of the date!

Blown Off!

12/18/2017 download 

Doug met Wendy through friends. They figured it would be a good setup. Apparently not, he hasn’t heard back after the margarita date!

Blown Off!

12/15/2017 download 

Danielle met Jacob through Tinder. She decided to try it out. They had a lovely date and hooked up at her place! He left and she never heard back.

Blown Off!

12/14/2017 download 

Brandon met Chloe through friends. He just got out a long term relationship but is he really ready? Chloe blew him off!

Blown Off!

12/13/2017 download 

Jessica met Cameron on Bumble. They had a beach date at Post Card Inn Bar. It was super romantic at sunset but she hasn’t heard back.

Blown Off!

12/12/2017 download 

Luke met Candice on Plenty of Fish and she seems amazing. She didn’t think the same because he hasn’t gotten a call back.

Blown Off!

12/06/2017 download 

Rashod met Monique on OkCupid. He was impressed by her profile so he reach out. They went on a great dinner, wine, all the impressive romantic things. No call back. We find out why!

Blown Off!

12/04/2017 download 

Blown Off!

Rashod met Monique on OkCupid. He was impressed by her profile so he reach out. They went on a great dinner, wine, all the impressive romantic things. No call back. We find out why!

12/04/2017 download 

Brent met Tonya on Tinder but how could a cup of coffee together go wrong? Find out on this edition of Blown Off!.

Blown Off!

12/01/2017 download 

Evette and Dominick met through work friends. They’ve been on multiple dates and go to know each other. Now nothing!

Blown Off!

11/30/2017 download 

Leila met Ben on Bumble. They had a zoo date that she thought went well. She hasn’t heard back.

Blown Off!

11/29/2017 download 

John met Sabrina on Plenty Of Fish. He thought he could have a big future but now no responses. We find out what happened.

Blown Off!

11/28/2017 download 

Jimmy met Chandra through They texted, had great convo, he asked her out to Outback. They had a great date but now he hasn't heard back.

Blown Off!

11/27/2017 download 

Deanna is a nurse and she met Christoph in the hospital. They had a great lunch and conversation at The Columbia but now she hasn’t heard back.

Blown Off!

11/22/2017 download 

Melody met Roderick on OKcupid. They went to Cafe Del Mar and had a ton of fun after in Vinoy Park. She hasn’t heard back!

Blown Off!

11/21/2017 download 

Cameron found Josh on Tinder. They went on a great date but now she hasn’t heard back.

Blown Off!

11/17/2017 download 

Natalia hasn't gotten a call back from Gareth. They met on OK Cupid and had a great date in St. Pete. We're calling Gareth to see why he blew her off.

Blown Off!

11/16/2017 download 

Juan met Teresa out at a bar in Tampa. They went on a great date but he hasn’t heard back.

Blown Off!

11/15/2017 download 

Eileen and Greg met on Tinder. She had him over to watch Netflix then her ex showed up but that's not why he blew her off..

Blown Off!

11/14/2017 download 

Zach was blown off by Cynthia so we get her on the phone to find out why!

Blown Off!

11/13/2017 download 

Cody blew Jasmine off! We call her to find out what happened!

Blown Off!

11/10/2017 download 

Dustin met Jill through friends. They went to Irish 31 but now she won't text back.

Blown Off!

11/09/2017 download 

contract says it’s rented/ insured by DDS. No mention of us paying deductible. So that statement seems like they assume all responsibility.

Blown Off!

11/08/2017 download 

David was #BlownOff by Emily after a date to Crystal Burger. CRYSTAL BURGER, sounds great to us. We call her

Blown Off!

11/07/2017 download 

Rob met Jenna at Winn Dixie. He knew her from church camp 13 years ago. He texted her the next day to set something up but he never heard back.

Blown Off!

11/06/2017 download 

Eric was matched up with Nadine by friends. They thought they would be a perfect match, obviously not because they are on Blown Off!

Blown Off!

11/03/2017 download 

Landon was blown off by Jayde after a great date..he says. We will find out what really happened.

Blown Off!

11/02/2017 download 

Shawn met Ava through volunteer work. They went to Red Mesa but now he hasn’t heard back. We get Ava on the phone!

Blown Off!

11/01/2017 download 

Henry met Kate on Tinder. They went to Stonewood Grill in Brandon and he treated her to whatever she wanted! Now he hasn’t heard back.

Blown Off!

10/31/2017 download 

James met Lisha on They went to a sushi place near USF. It went well but now he hasn’t heard back!

Blown Off!

10/27/2017 download 

Tony met Clarice on Ok Cupid. They stayed key and went to Olive Garden and it went great. He hasn’t heard back so we’re calling Clarise!

Blown Off!

10/26/2017 download 

A pumpkin patch picnic? What could go wrong? Sebastian hasn’t heard from Mariah since!

Blown Off!

10/25/2017 download 

Peyton met Eric through friends. They had dinner and some drinks and she thought they were going to meet again. She was wrong. We call Eric.

Blown Off!

10/24/2017 download 

Leland met Jerica went on a date to The Lodge for some drinks and now he hasn't heard back!

Blown Off!

10/23/2017 download 

Josh met Fiona at a Bucs tailgate party. He got her number and she seemed into it. He had intentions of a date but she hasn’t replied!

Blown Off!

10/20/2017 download 

Kayla met Will on OkCupid. They went on a few dates, had so much chemistry, but now hasn’t heard back. The reason why had people SHOOK!

Blown Off!

10/19/2017 download 

Meredith met Kenny on They had more than one date and it went really well and they spent the night at each other’s places. Now she hasn’t heard back.

Blown Off!

10/18/2017 download 

Barry met Demi on Bumble they went on a couple dates and he slept over together. Now he hasn’t heard back.

Blown Off!

10/17/2017 download 

Rob met Naia at the grocery store. He helped her put groceries in her car, classic tale. They went for coffee but now he hasn’t heard back.

Blown Off!

10/12/2017 download 

Crystal met Dennis through her sister and they went Mini golfing. He hasn’t texted back and we need to find out why! 

Blown Off!

10/11/2017 download 

Cherise’s brother set her up with Jason. They went on a date in New Port Richey but now she hasn’t heard back! We call Jason.

Blown Off!

10/10/2017 download 

Annie & Brandon met at Winghouse then went to a tailgate party at Curtis Hixon Park now hasn't heard back.

Blown Off!

10/09/2017 download 

Brad met Sheena on Bumble. They went for lunch and some day drinking and it went great. Now Brad hasn’t heard back. ​

Blown Off!

10/05/2017 download 

Jake met Charity at his work. They grabbed a couple of drinks and even kissed! Since then..Nothing! We get her on the phone.

Blown Off!

10/04/2017 download 

Carys met Clark out in Soho. They went to Parc & Rec in St. Pete but he hasn't texted since. 

Blown Off!

10/03/2017 download 

Corey met Daryl matched on Tinder then met up at Acropolis. They had some drinks, left with intent to see each other again. Now Daryl has unmatched him and hasn’t responded! We get him on the

Blown Off!

10/02/2017 download 

Misty got blown off by Odem on Plenty of Fish and had so much in common. They went to a friend’s cookout. She thought he was going to stay over but he left and she hasn’t heard from him since

Blown Off!

09/28/2017 download 

Jason & Courtney met on Tinder and went to Carrabba’s. Now he hasn’t heard back!

Blown Off!

09/27/2017 download 

Jerrod met Camille on Tinder. They chatted for a couple weeks, she cancelled twice, then had a great date! Did she change her mind? Cause he hasn’t heard back since.​

Blown Off!

09/26/2017 download 

Hannah met Shane at a work event. They went to Cask Social for drinks but hasn't called since. 

Blown Off!

09/25/2017 download 

Charley met Gabrielle at his brothers wedding. They went to Mellow Mushroom and got some drinks. Now the spark isn’t there and she’s ghosted him. It got awkward.

Blown Off!

09/22/2017 download 

Juan met Nadia on a plane back to Tampa. They went for a casual lunch then walked around International Mall. He even offered her a gift. Now she's gone MIA! What gives?​

Blown Off!

09/21/2017 download 

Karina and Michael met on They went on to dinner and a movie at Cinebistro for a scary movie. It was an awesome date but now he’s “busy” every time she messages him. We find out wh

Blown Off!

09/20/2017 download 

Brock met Kelly on Bumble. They went on a low key style date to get FroYo. Kelly hasn’t called back so we get her on the phone.

Blown Off!

09/19/2017 download 

Blair met Liz on Tinder. They went on a date and it ended with a little kiss. Now he hasn’t heard anything from her since. We get Liz on the phone.

Blown Off!

09/18/2017 download 

Shannon and Kyle are new neighbors in their apartment complex. They met while walking dogs and went on a few dates! Now nothing. We find out where Kyle has been.

Blown Off!

09/15/2017 download 

Harrison and Christine both evacuated Irma and met a a mutual friend’s house in Charleston. They got close and went to dinner. Now he is in town again and hasn’t gotten a response. We find ou

Blown Off!

09/14/2017 download 

Meredith met Josiah on Tinder. They flirted and went out to walk around to shop the outlets. It was a beautiful day but Josiah hasn’t contacted her since. What went wrong?

Blown Off!

09/13/2017 download 

Bracken met Lina at MacDintons in Soho. They were making out but then got to know each other at his place for a date. It got steamy again and now he hasn’t heard back. We call Lina.

Blown Off!

09/07/2017 download 

Chris met Tessa at a block party. They met a couple times and went to his family cookout. Now he hasn’t heard back. Did someone in the family say something to her? We call Tessa to find out.

Blown Off!

09/01/2017 download 

Donnie went for coffee with Kara after being Facebook friends forever but hasn't gotten a reply since, not even a Like. We call Kara to see why.

Blown Off!

08/31/2017 download 

Lindsey met Joe at a bar in Tampa and exchanged numbers. She thought they had a lot of chemistry until the date at Gametime where his energy was “weird”. He hasn’t called her back.

Blown Off!

08/30/2017 download 

Michael met Dorian in SOHO. They exchanged numbers, texted, and went out to Ybor to party. They might have gotten too drunk, Michael hasn’t heard back from her.

Blown Off!

08/29/2017 download 

Heather and Lucas swiped into each other’s lives on Tinder. They met casually at Bottlehouse and then went home with each other. Now Lucas has been MIA. We find out where he’s been.

Blown Off!

08/28/2017 download 

Abby and Frank met on Tinder. Abby hasn't heard back from Frank after dinner at Bj's in Citrus Park. We call Frank to find out why he ghosted.

Blown Off!

08/25/2017 download 

Blown Off!

Abby and Frank met on Tinder. Abby hasn't heard back from Frank after dinner at Bj's in Citrus Park. We call Frank to find out why he ghosted.

08/25/2017 download 

Robbie and Nina met on Bumble. After lunch and a long walk in Curtis Hixon park, Nina hasn't called him back!

Blown Off!

08/24/2017 download 

Dustin went out to Ocean Prime with Caitlyn for dinner. They hit it off, a lot in common, and she even extended the date longer! Now nothing. We get Caitlyn on the phone.

Blown Off!

08/23/2017 download 

Lara met Ashton during girl’s night out in Brandon. They went to Cinebistro, saw Girl’s Trip, and the date went well! Ashton ghosted her and we find out why!​

Blown Off!

08/22/2017 download 

Trent and Callie met on Tinder and they had a couple of hookups. He wanted more than that but she hasn’t answered in over a week. We find out what happened to Callie.

Blown Off!

08/21/2017 download 

Paul met Lauren at the grocery store. They connected on Facebook, went on a date to Stonewood Grill & Tavern, but now Paul hasn’t heard back. Nothing crazy, no kiss, no texts. What happened t

Blown Off!

08/18/2017 download 

We're Sierra and Declan just not a match? Sierra thought the date went great! She hasn't heard back.

Blown Off!

08/17/2017 download 

Cassidy met Jacob through her sister. They went on a date to Sonic, yes the fast food place, but now Cassidy hasn’t heard back. What happened to Jacob?

Blown Off!

08/16/2017 download 

John and Heather met at a housewarming party. He got her number through fb messenger and went out for drinks. Heather hasn't called back. We find out why.

Blown Off!

08/15/2017 download 

Blown Off!

Gabe and Simone matched on Tinder and met in Soho. They hooked up at his place after and now he hasn’t heard a thing back from her. We find out what happened to Simone. ​

08/14/2017 download 

Leslie met Frank at Sky Bar and they went to Red Mesa for dinner. Frank went MIA and hasn't called since.

Blown Off!

08/11/2017 download 

Randy met Shannon through Facebook friends. They went to Beef O' Brady's and then hung out all day. Shannon blew Randy off.

Blown Off!

08/10/2017 download 

Cassy met Lincoln on Bumble and went to Lemon Grass. He was such a gentleman and now she hasn’t heard back! We find out what happened to Lincoln. ​

Blown Off!

08/09/2017 download 

Ashley met Nathan on Tinder, they had dinner and drink and made out on the beach. She hasn’t heard anything since. ​

Blown Off!

08/08/2017 download 

It's disappointing when you get Blown Off. We help Henry figure out why Dinah hasn't called him back

Blown Off!

08/07/2017 download 

Camille and Tony went to USF together and met for coffee but he hasn't been in touch since.​ We find out what happened to Tony.

Blown Off!

08/02/2017 download 

Ava & Jared met on Plenty of Fish, went on a date to Cassis and now Jared is MIA. We find out why!

Blown Off!

08/01/2017 download 

Elijah and Neesa met at Outback in Tampa. It went great but Elijah hasn't heard back. We're calling Neesa to find out why. ​

Blown Off!

07/31/2017 download 

A cruise ship, a fun time, and just like that Miguel Fuller hasn't heard from Josh. We have basically forced Miguel into this special edition of Blown Off! We call Josh to find out why he has

Blown Off!

07/28/2017 download 

Trevor met Charli on and they went to The Canopy. Now he can't get a hold of her.

Blown Off!

07/27/2017 download 

Christine hasn't heard back from Jonathan after a date to Datz. We find out why he hasn't texted back.

Blown Off!

07/26/2017 download 

Blown Off

Find out who is getting Blown Off and why

07/25/2017 download 

blown off

find out who is getting blown off today and why

07/24/2017 download 

Ken met Lindy on Bumble and they went to Kahwa Coffee but Ken hasn't heard back from her since... find out why.

Blown Off!

07/14/2017 download 

Chastity met Michael on Tinder and they went to Carrabba’s for their date. Now she can’t get ahold him. Miguel and Holly call Michael to find out why!

Blown Off!

07/13/2017 download 

A brunch date, back to her place. It was fun but Tessa hasn't heard back from Parker. We find out what's up!

Blown Off!

07/12/2017 download 

Damon met Julia on JDate. They went to Olive Garden but now she won’t get back to him. Miguel and Holly call to find out why!

Blown Off!

07/11/2017 download 

Kevin took Brianna out for ice cream. He needed a hair cut and she was a stylist so that happened too? Was that why she didn’t call him back?

Blown Off!

07/10/2017 download 

Naomi and Chad met through friends and had dinner at the Sacred Pepper. He said he’d text her but he hasn’t. Miguel and Holly call to find out why.

Blown Off!

07/07/2017 download 

Angela met Juan through work friends. They went. They went all out when drinking, he came home with her.. But nothing happened. He acted so weird then left. No explanation. What happened?

Blown Off!

07/06/2017 download 

A classic case of it’s not what it seems on the internet. Jocelyn blew Kyle off. We give her a call!

Blown Off!

07/05/2017 download 

Why didn't Sarah get a call back after going out with Travis? She got Blown Off! We call Travis to find out why.

Blown Off!

07/03/2017 download 

Sean met Judith on Plently Of Fish. They had such great conversation they met at Bonefish in Trinity. Now Sean hasn’t heard from Judith. Miguel and Holly call her to find out why!

Blown Off!

06/30/2017 download 

We talk to Clarissa. Her and Aiden had a steamy phone relationship. She hasn't heard back.

Blown Off!

06/29/2017 download 

Aaron met Shana at a charity golf event. There was chemistry right away. He has some phone calls during the date, did it turn Shana off?

Blown Off!

06/28/2017 download 

Randall met Ursula met on Bumble. They were both super attracted to each other. They ended up spending the night together. Now nothing!

Blown Off!

06/27/2017 download 

Valentina was introduced to John through her brother. They went to Tampa Bay Brewing Co she was expecting a kiss, it didn’t happen, now he’s blown her off. What gives?

Blown Off!

06/26/2017 download 

Deanna worked with Renee. They started hanging out being friends. This Blown Off is a little different. Why doesn’t Deanna want to hang out with Renee any more?

Blown Off!

06/23/2017 download 

Phoenix met Noelle at Mellow Mushroom in Brandon. They both agreed to a beach date. Now Noelle won’t get back to Phoenix and Miguel and Holly call to find out why.

Blown Off!

06/22/2017 download 

Matt met Tasha through Tinder. They went on a date and she ended up back at his house. Now he hasn’t heard back. What happened?

Blown Off!

06/21/2017 download 

Shelby met Brandon on Bumble. They went to Soho! Brandon blew her off and she’s curious as to why. He was really interested to know about her.

Blown Off!

06/16/2017 download 

Alonzo met Morgan through mutual friends. They went to Margarita Fest on a blind date. Now she hasn’t called back. We get Morgan on the phone.

Blown Off!

06/15/2017 download 

Dante met Kalinda on Plenty of Fish. The first date was at Outback after some romantic messages. What killed the spark? We find out.

Blown Off!

06/14/2017 download 

Grant went to Busch Gardens with Chelsea. It went great but he hasn't heard back. We find out what happened.

Blown Off!

06/13/2017 download 

Tara went on a date with Paul. He's giving her the cold shoulder now. What happened? We're calling Paul.

Blown Off!

06/12/2017 download 

Carson met Cammie in DTSP at MacDinton’s. They went to Oyster Bar for brunch! It went great and Carson hasn’t heard back. He thought it was a perfect match! Was he too tipsy?

Blown Off!

06/09/2017 download 

Nick invited Marnie on the boat after chatting through text. Nick hasn't heard back. We call Marnie.

Blown Off!

06/08/2017 download 

Solomon and Laken went for drinks after meeting on Tinder. She spent the night but what she found in his bathroom wasn’t cool with her! She blew Laken off!

Blown Off!

06/07/2017 download 

Kylie met Dan on and she liked what she saw. She hasn’t heard back after their date. There was an extra person there and he called them out!

Blown Off!

06/06/2017 download 

Sam met Kayla have been chatting on Tinder. They met for a date at 717 South in Tampa. Kayla hasn’t called him back. Her situation is a little.. complicated.

Blown Off!

06/05/2017 download 

Terry met Jasmine while helping her move. They ended up going on a date and going back to her house where he sketched her. Now he hasn’t heard from her. Miguel and Holly call to find out why!

Blown Off!

06/02/2017 download 

Caroline met Gary at the Riverwalk in Tampa. They went to dinner and a movie but now Gary won’t get back to her.

Blown Off!

06/01/2017 download 

Jesse met Meredith at the Mac N Cheese Throwdown. They hit it off, and set up a follow up date. Now no response! We get Meredith on the phone.

Blown Off!

05/31/2017 download 

A date to Olive Garden and jokes about endless breadsticks. It went great and now there's no communication. We call Taylor to see why she blew Joaquin off!

Blown Off!

05/30/2017 download 

Dakota met Jeremiah through work friends at a happy hour. Great conversation and hit it off. Now nothing! We get Jeremiah on the phone.

Blown Off!

05/26/2017 download 

Brynn and Brody had an excellent date, went home with each other, and now NOTHING. Something with such instant fireworks is now extinguished?

Blown Off!

05/25/2017 download 

Troy met Ellie on and they went on THREE DATES! He hasn’t heard from her so Miguel and Holly call Ellie to find out why.

Blown Off!

05/24/2017 download 

Jenna met Kevin on Bumble and they went to dinner at Frenchy’s. After a FOUR HOUR date, he hasn’t texted her since.

Blown Off!

05/23/2017 download 

Jax and Monica met on Tinder, they went to dinner and had a great night. He even went to her house afterwards. Now Jax hasn’t heard from Monica so we have to find out why.

Blown Off!

05/22/2017 download 

Michelle met Jaime through friends years ago. They decided to actually go on a date rather than with friends. They hooked up and now nothing! We call Jaime to ask what the deal is.

Blown Off!

05/19/2017 download 

Joey and Harley went on a date to World of Beer! He had a great time. Apparently money doesn't solve everything. Harley blew him off!

Blown Off!

05/18/2017 download 

Derek met Cadence through a party with a group of friends. They went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse and had an awesome time. He’s a rapper and he might just be TOO hot!

Blown Off!

05/17/2017 download 

Ross met Delia matches and agreed to go to Carabba’s. The bill was all on him plus some. She blew Ross off!

Blown Off!

05/16/2017 download 

Shaina met Liam on Plenty of Fish. They thought group dates were the way to go for first dates. Was their choice wrong? Shaina hasn’t heard back.

Blown Off!

05/15/2017 download 

Charlie met Jen during one of his local stand-up performances. She hasn’t called him back after a date. She said he isn’t what he seems! Or is it her fault for judging him.

Blown Off!

05/12/2017 download 

Luz met Ben met at iFly in Tampa. He got HER number, dinner, happened quickly. Now nothing! We call Ben to ask “What’s up with that?”.

Blown Off!

05/11/2017 download 

Kendra met Marshall on They hit it off on the date to a park. There was some unexpected running..from the authorities. Marshall hasn’t called her back.

Blown Off!

05/09/2017 download 

No call back? Miguel was there this weekend. We're about to help Malia out. Josh blew her off after spilling his hopes and dreams to her.

Blown Off!

05/08/2017 download 

Lucy and Bo met on Plenty of Fish and went out to Winghouse for dinner. Lucy hasn't heard back. We get Bo on the phone to ask why!

Blown Off!

05/05/2017 download 

Jake met Tana at one of his classes at USF. They flirted and went on a date, made out “hardcore”. He’s wondering why he didn’t get a call back!

Blown Off!

05/04/2017 download 

Nelson met Sasha on, went to Red Mesa. They had a great date, but maybe the service wasn’t that great. I sense some jealousy.

Blown Off!

05/03/2017 download 

After Natalie met Brad a Park & Rec trivia night they went to grab some pizza and had an awesome date. It’s what she wore on the first date that had Brad thinking she was insane!

Blown Off!

05/02/2017 download 

Isabelle met Roman through her cousin. They had a pool day at her apartment but she hasn’t heard back. Roman blew her off and we find out why!

Blown Off!

05/01/2017 download 

Camden met Hannah on Tinder. He hasn’t gotten a call back after staying the night! They were drinkers and things got a little fuzzy. He’s clueless about what happened.

Blown Off!

04/28/2017 download 

Kailtyn met Dennis through a networking event. She was super attracted to him but he decided to go in a COMPLETELY different direction! He blew her off.

Blown Off!

04/27/2017 download 

Kenny and Karina had some wine and even ended up at his place. Now NOTHING?

Blown Off!

04/26/2017 download 

Duane and Shannon went to Skyline Chili! What could go wrong eating chili? He got Blown Off!

Blown Off!

04/25/2017 download 

Jeremy met Lauren on Tinder. Her picture was super cute. His Instagram was private and when she got approved to follow she decided she was out! Jeremy hasn’t heard back!

Blown Off!

04/24/2017 download 

Dex met Willa at a Jannus Live concert. They went out to The Bends in DTSP. It went great! TWO THUMBS UP. No he hasn’t heard back. We get Willa on the phone.

Blown Off!

04/21/2017 download 

Why is dating in 2017 such a nightmare? We call Bernard because Callie hasn't heard back from him after their date.

Blown Off!

04/20/2017 download 

Leslie-Ann and Ted went out and ended up back at his place for a little action! Leslie enjoyed herself a little too intensely..Ted hasn’t called back!

Blown Off!

04/19/2017 download 

Greg met Alicia met at a Starbucks. He was all suited up, brought his “A” material, and has a nice job so he’s not sure why she hasn’t called back. He was only missing ONE thing that Alicia d

Blown Off!

04/18/2017 download 

Travis met Paulina on Match. They went to dinner, he had his life together, it was promising. He was a TOO into all of that…and a bag of chips.

Blown Off!

04/17/2017 download 

Jesse and Morgan went to see "Logan" in theaters but Jesse has 0 response. What could have gone wrong?

Blown Off!

04/14/2017 download 

Malcolm cannot figure out why Ariana won’t contact him. They met at a friend’s party, then went out to Park & Rec. There was an awkward kiss moment but he thought it wasn’t that big of a deal

Blown Off!

04/13/2017 download 

Marcella and Jake went on a date but Marcella hasn’t heard back. Jake might have gained a stalker not a girlfriend.

Blown Off!

04/12/2017 download 

Nadia met Bruce on Great match rating! They went to Bonefish but she didn’t come off as classy as the food.

Blown Off!

04/11/2017 download 

Jeff was worried Georgia wasn't going to look like her online profile. He was relieved! She wasn't, Jeff hasn't heard back. We get Georgia on the phone.

Blown Off!

04/10/2017 download 

Tasha met Will through her cousin, a blind date. They went to lunch at Jersey Mike’s. They were not alone during the date! Jeremy was out.

Blown Off!

04/07/2017 download 

Ashley met Darryl on Tinder. Two dates, and a Netflix n chill session and he was OUT! What went wrong?

Blown Off!

04/05/2017 download 

Leo and Quinn met at Top Golf when their groups joined up. They ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings. Cleanliness is next to godliness right? Not so much here.

Blown Off!

04/04/2017 download 

Alex met Gemma after a night out in SoHo. They went to a wine tasting and had a wonderful time. Now he hasn't heard from her, we've got to find out why with Blown Off!

Blown Off

04/03/2017 download 

Haley met Curtis on They went on a dog walk. Genius first date. Not so much. Curtis blew Haley off!

Blown Off!

03/31/2017 download 

Cherise and Anthony Texted and chatted for a bit. They met at Countryside Mall for a casual hangout day. Anthony's wallet was not ready.

Blown Off!

03/30/2017 download 

Pam went on a date with Robbie. ROBBIE LEFT THE DATE!!! Walked right out. What happened?

Blown Off!

03/29/2017 download 

Blown Off!

Pam went on a date with Robbie. ROBBIE LEFT THE DATE!!! Walked right out. What happened?

03/29/2017 download 

Tate met Lisabeth on Tinder. He thought she was so attractive and they grabbed coffee. Where he wanted to chill next shocked her! She blew Tate off!

Blown Off!

03/28/2017 download 

Aiden flirted with Jamie back and forth at work. They had a great date with some laughs but he hasn’t heard back. He thinks it’s possible the age gap..

Blown Off!

03/27/2017 download 

Ronnie started texting Destiny recently. They went out but Ronnie had the COMPLETELY wrong idea about her.

Blown Off!

03/24/2017 download 

Caleb met Marian on Tinder and went to Red Lobster. The date was great until his ex girlfriend showed up..

Blown Off!

03/23/2017 download 

Chance and Juanita met on Bumble and had a great dinner. He was a jogger and wanted to make a career of it, but jogging wasn’t the only thing involved.

Blown Off!

03/22/2017 download 

Jeanette met Sean at a party and they went out to the bar. A great date and no call back leads up to this episode of Blown Off! Sean was turned away by a little Pooh.

Blown Off!

03/21/2017 download 

Gabe hasn't heard back from Jackson. Their date was great but he hasn't heard back. Jackson didn't feel comfortable with Gabe's nickname.

Blown Off!

03/20/2017 download 

Leanna met Travis on Tinder. They had a date at Green Lemon. He blew her off, he was casting his net out a little too early.

Blown Off!

03/17/2017 download 

Jeff and Katie went for drinks and now she won't get back to him. He needed alone time and not just in the "Being single" sense.

Blown Off!

03/16/2017 download 

Bianca and Ted met on They had a lot in common. He was turned off by her technology though. Bianca got blown off!

Blown Off!

03/15/2017 download 

Chad and Tamara met out and about. They got drinks together. He’s an artist and Tamara did not find his subject matter “tasteful”. She didn’t call him back!

Blown Off!

03/14/2017 download 

Brian met Paulina on Ok Cupid and weren’t looking for anything casual. She came over for a BBQ. Things were moving a little too quickly.

Blown Off!

03/13/2017 download 

Benson met Elaine on Tinder. They had some drinks and ended up at his place. Elaine blew him off because he “wanted to be the very best that no one ever was”.

Blown Off!

03/10/2017 download 

Leslie met Randy running the Gasparilla 5k. She invited him out for drinks with a group of friends. They got to be great pals, just hanging out. He didn’t call her back.

Blown Off!

03/09/2017 download 

Clark met Rochelle through his buddy at work. They went for drinks in DTSP. There was a little Facebook stalking. Rochelle blew Clark off!

Blown Off!

03/08/2017 download 

If you are a guy, would you really not call a girl back after THIS happened on your first date? James did after his date with Michelle!

Blown Off!

03/07/2017 download 

Marcus Sonya met on OK Cupid. It seemed like a good fit, but for Marcus maybe after a few more dates here it would be a better fit.

Blown Off!

03/06/2017 download 

Maggie met Paolo in SOHO while out with friends. They went on a great date to Seasons 52. She had a little too much to drink which was fine, but started stuffing bread in her face. Literally.

Blown Off!

03/03/2017 download 

Liam and Fiona met a fresh market. They went camping. She didn’t like his plans for future dates though!

Blown Off!

03/02/2017 download 

Savannah met Bruce through Tinder. After a date to Pelican Pub she put him up to the ultimate test.. DNA style.

Blown Off!

03/01/2017 download 

Brittany met Evan at a party and they had a lunch date after! He’s not her type but he was funny. That’s ok because she has PLENTY to choose from. Evan blew her off!

Blown Off!

02/28/2017 download 

Derrick and Claudia met on They both were craving a steak dinner. It went great until the bill came. Claudia blew him off!

Blown Off!

02/27/2017 download 

Cadence and Roderick met at at networking event. How did it go from a bike date to taking pictures of butts?!

Blown Off!

02/24/2017 download 

Jacob and Dominique met on Tinder. They went out and he hasn't heard back. He saved those awkward revealing messages for the actual date!

Blown Off!

02/23/2017 download 

David and Miranda met on Bumble. They went out and for wine and good conversation. They even made-out in parking lot. Miranda was turned off when she finally got that close..

Blown Off!

02/22/2017 download 

Jp and Gizelle met online. He took her to DTSP for some drinks and dinner. She didn't call him back after the waiter had something to say about him.

Blown Off!

02/21/2017 download 

Lamont and Amanda met though mutual friends. The date went well for him but she spent WAY too much money for no reason. She blew him off.

Blown Off!

02/17/2017 download 

Tristen and Justine met on Tinder, went for drinks at World of Beer, and he hasn't heard back. Justine was a little too put off by his "legal obligation"..

Blown Off!

02/16/2017 download 

Marisa and Calvin met at her girl night out. They went to City Walk together but she casted a love spell on him. He didn’t want to drink the special wine.

Blown Off!

02/15/2017 download 

Madison and Tanner matched lat summer online and went on a few dates. She didn’t hear back and just now decides to call in for Blown Off??

Blown Off!

02/14/2017 download 

Adrian and Nate met through a friend. She saw him on Instagram and had to know about him. They went out but she hasn’t heard back. Nate’s not really a phone person.

Blown Off!

02/13/2017 download 

Mika and Jordan met on the Bumble app. They went to a movie and Mika hasn't heard back. She as a little TOO comfortable.

Blown Off!

02/10/2017 download 

Rob and Sophie went to PF Chang's. He was immediately RUDE. You should NOT ask someone this on the first date.

Blown Off!

02/09/2017 download 

Molly & Brynn met through a work event. She got her number and they went on a date to Airheads, the trampoline place! A Major phobia got in the way! Bryan blew Molly off!

Blown Off!

02/08/2017 download 

Corey and Jillian met on Tinder. They went for a nice dinner at Carrabba’s. Jillian hasn't called him back because of her poor organization skills.. was it Corey's fault?

Blown Off!

02/03/2017 download 

Ricky met Rachel on Tinder. They had Tijuana Flats and found a mutual love for garage sales. They wen't the next day and he was super thrifty.. too much!

Blown Off!

02/02/2017 download 

Roger and Nikola met out in Ybor. They even went on three different dates. He has showered her with gifts. She still wants nothing to do with him!

Blown Off!

02/01/2017 download 

Julie and Peter met while she went running at the park. He was a sketch artist. That wasn't the only thing sketch about him though, she could've gone to jail!

Blown Off!

01/31/2017 download 

Melinda Lincoln met though sister and went to Bonefish. Without even trying she was already in some interesting positions! Lincoln blew her off!

Blown Off!

01/30/2017 download 

Rebecca and Chip met at a friend's party. They went to Pom Pom's for lunch. Things were moving a bit too quickly and Chip left her in the dust!

Blown Off!

01/27/2017 download 

Steven and Shannon met on Bumble. They went on two dates but now she isn't calling him back. Maybe too much clowning around for her taste.

Blown Off!

01/26/2017 download 

Rocco and Carlie met through friends. It was the perfect match right? Carlie didn't know if it was a date or a game show!

Blown Off!

01/25/2017 download 

Whitney met Elijah on Tinder. They went to Whiskey River for dinner and drinks. She hopes he didn't hear the rumor about her.. because he hasn't called back!

Blown Off!

01/24/2017 download 

Dustin and Maria met in Soho and hit it off. That ended up in a date to Ava. They made it back to his bedroom, but he was busted! She left immediately without saying anything!

Blown Off!

01/23/2017 download 

Joey and Meredith met on, went to Studio Movie Grill, and had an excellent date.. According to Joey. Meredith blew him off!

Blown Off!

01/20/2017 download 

Antoine and Kara met by getting into a car accident with each other! They went out and things got a little too steamy, and it wasn't the radiator.

Blown Off!

01/19/2017 download 

Nikita met Craig at Painting With A Twist. They were both single and chatted a lot and went to Disney. She was on a serious mission though and Craig blew her off!

Blown Off!

01/18/2017 download 

Tiffany and Keller went shopping at Wesley Chapel outlets. It was a great first date for her but SUPER annoying for him. Find out why.

Blown Off!

01/17/2017 download 

Jacob and Kelsea go to the same school. His idea of a first date was just a little bit different than hers.. He didn't get a call back.

Blown Off!

01/12/2017 download 

Kiara and Matt met on Bumble. They went out on a nice date but she hasn't heard back. She had a little too much concern about his ethnicity..

Blown Off!

01/11/2017 download 

Jeremy and Mary Beth went to dinner and a movie. Had a great time.. until the car ride home. She's freaked out.

Blown Off!

01/10/2017 download 

Cole and Ivy went out on a date. It ended up in the bedroom. They has to work through some "technical difficulties".

Blown Off!

01/09/2017 download 

Mikayla and Raphael's parents go to church together. They went for a date. Raphael liked her but there was a little catch before they could date again. Mikayla blew him off.

Blown Off!

01/06/2017 download 

Does a NYE date ever seem like a good idea? Kennedy was blown off by Max. She didn't think she got THAT wasted. Wait til you hear the story.

Blown Off!

01/05/2017 download 

Kevin and Dana went for coffee and this was their second date, a family Christmas Eve party. Dana can’t believe the awkward situation she had, IN FRONT OF GRANDMA.

Blown Off!

01/04/2017 download 

Derek & Jenna met on Tinder. Has any Tinder date ever worked out? His roomate made things a little confusing.

Blown Off!

01/03/2017 download 

Samira and Colton went to see fantastic beasts. They both love Harry Potter but when Colton asked her to Universal he got DENIED!

Blown Off!

12/16/2016 download 

Garret and Gwen met online, had great conversations, and ended up on a date at World Of Beer for trivia night. She thought it was a little too over-the-top and Garret hasn’t gotten a call bac

Blown Off!

12/15/2016 download 

Rachel and Brian met through mutual friends. She wanted him to wear a suit on the first date. A weird request but even weirder situation… Awkward..

Blown Off!

12/14/2016 download 

Daryl and Mallory met on Tinder. It ended up with a nice date out for drinks. His choice of a place for cheap drink has Mallory questioning his intentions!

Blown Off!

12/13/2016 download 

Jordan invited Clarissa to a party at his place. It was a great time hanging with friends. She didn't call him back after seeing his idea of what a "party" is.

Blown Off!

12/12/2016 download 

Megan and Landon met at a USF tailgate, had some brewskis, and a great time and some sexy snapchats. She hasn't gotten a call back. Maybe she shouldn't have been such a Snapchatty Kathy?

Blown Off!

12/09/2016 download 

Tim and Jane went on a nice dinner date. Of course she didn’t call him back after STEALING from the restaurant. Find out how he scammed this restaurant during the date!

Blown Off!

12/08/2016 download 

Nikki and Jared met in the Target line on Black Friday which turned into a date. But maybe Nikki was more comfortable in LuLaRoe leggings than a date.

Blown Off!

12/07/2016 download 

Monica and Jax met on Tinder and got some drinks. He drove her home. Then some thing else went down! But now Monica is MIA.

Blown Off!

12/06/2016 download 

Trey and Jasmine were set up through mutual friends. A good talk got steamy and he was perfect for her. They ended up back at his place. Jasmine got a little too bored after that.

Blown Off!

12/05/2016 download 

What could be so kinky about a date to the art Museum? Well we ask Randy because he blew off Laney over her crazy fetish.

Blown Off!

12/02/2016 download 

Paul and Ainsley met on Tinder, went to World of Beer, and he didn’t get a call back. He did spill a bottle of cologne on him but that wasn’t the issue. Paul wasn’t great at hiding his underl

Blown Off!

12/01/2016 download 

Brandy met Chase at a party and they had some adult time. Which led to an actual date! Chase didn’t want to bring her home to momma. Brandy was #BlownOff!

Blown Off!

11/30/2016 download 

Eli and Joelle went for drinks in SOHO. They even kissed, yet no call back for Eli. Facebook notification we’re a plenty and things got a little too “wiggly”..

Blown Off!

11/29/2016 download 

Cherise and Jason went to Caposey’s in New Port Richey. She hasn’t gotten a reply. She has a real itch to scratch with him. We get Jason on the phone.

Blown Off!

11/28/2016 download 

Ian and Vanesse met over a little facebook meme-ing. A date to Beef-O-Brady's ended abruptly after, they were supposed to get drinks. She was CREEPED OUT by Ian's obvious obsession!

Blown Off!

11/22/2016 download 

Mackenzie and Patrick actually had two dates. Mackenzie hasn't heard back and she really though they connected. It's what she introduced to Patrick that scared him off. Too soon?

Blown Off!

11/21/2016 download 

Shannon and Jermaine went to Melting Pot and had a romantic date. She got a kiss, but apparently she didn't pass the test. Jermaine didn't call her back.

Blown Off!

11/18/2016 download 

Ronnie and Fauna went to high school together and got reconnected at a party! Ronnie hasn't heard back. The dinner was more of a reunion than Fauna expected. She wasn't having any of it!

Blown Off!

11/17/2016 download 

Manuel and DeeDee went for Taco Tuesday. Things went serious a little too quick for Manuel. DeeDee got #BlownOff!

Blown Off!

11/16/2016 download 

Shawn & Cari met drunk at Hard Rock. Cari hasn't called back because Shawn wanted something kinda personal from her. Shawn, don't ask for this is you don't even know someone's last name yet!

Blown Off!

11/15/2016 download 

From meeting at the DMV to beach buzz. Shayna went home with Chris and she ditched him after the clothes came off!

Blown Off!

11/14/2016 download 

Marcus and Alicia went to brunch in Riverview. Everything went great but Marcus had to be accepting of Alicia's one true love. She blew him off!

Blown Off!

11/11/2016 download 

Natalie and David went from online study group to date real quick! She hasn't heard back and David's memory seems to be a little fuzzy.

Blown Off!

11/10/2016 download 

Aaron hasn't heard from Candy. Olive Garden, wine, she seemed interested. They met on Facebook though. Could this be a classic catfish situation?

Blown Off!

11/09/2016 download 

A Tinder connection led Camila and Jesse to DTSP for a date. He blew her off because of her "cow nose" !

Blown Off!

11/07/2016 download 

Eric and Nadine went to Scream-A-Geddon together. They got some great spooks at the event but the scares didn’t end there!

Blown Off!

11/04/2016 download 

A coffee date with Jamie and Napoleon turned into dinner at his place. She just wanted to get carried away but she had bigger problems. Napoleon was left confused.

Blown Off!

11/03/2016 download 

Chance and Lindy went out for the first time. From Yogurtology to.. CVS? He wanted to "show her something". She was shocked!

Blown Off!

11/02/2016 download 

Marco and Claudia shared interest in Pirates of The Caribbean. Someone needs to tell Marco that BUTT BITING on the first date probably isn't the best choice. What a character!

Blown Off!

11/01/2016 download 

Scooter took Kayla on date to an Italian bistro for some nice cuisine. Kayla must've like the food a little TOO much.

Blown Off!

10/31/2016 download 

A night of drinks, a leg cast, and some sexy… uh, swinging? GET IT GIRL. Maisie was #BlownOff

Blown Off!

10/28/2016 download 

Carrabba’s dinner and a normal convo, what could be such an issue? Cal hasn’t heard back. First impressions are everything to Zinnia or is she stuck up and RUDE?!

Blown Off!

10/27/2016 download 

Tara's night of drink with Devin ended with a halt. Devin HAD to get out there ASAP after what he figured out!

Blown Off!

10/26/2016 download 

A casual picnic in the park went from 0-100 REAL QUICK! Aliens in the bible?!

Blown Off!

10/25/2016 download 

Ella and Jason met through friends. Sparks we're flying at the Lightning Game..but the wrong kind!

Blown Off!

10/24/2016 download 

Nicholas and Lauren went on a date to Chuck-E-Cheese. They had a great time playing games but Lauren hasn't talked to Nicholas since. He was a little too competitive and obnoxious.

Blown Off!

10/21/2016 download 

Kaitlyn and Bryce met on Tinder. They had an excellent time but she wants to know why Bryce has ghosted her. Bryce said she's major liar. Is he way out of line on this one?

Blown Off!

10/20/2016 download 

Rory and Melinda went to Howl-O- Scream together at Busch Gardens. Melinda loves scary stuff! Rory hasn't called back. Did he scare her away?

Blown Off!

10/19/2016 download 

Daphne and Hunter met by being set up on a blind date. He isn't responding now. She expected this to lead to them getting close. He didn't expect to be this close.

Blown Off!

10/18/2016 download 

Latisha met Craig through her work friends. After their date to get drinks, stuff got intense back at her place. Craig hasn't called after what he saw on Latisha.

Blown Off!

10/17/2016 download 

Pablo and Julia ran into each other in DTSP. They had a movie night at his house. Apparently Pablo hasn't dated in a while or something. Julia didn't give him a second chance.

Blown Off!

10/14/2016 download 

Juan and Brittany met on Tinder and they instantly connected. They walked around and got some pizza but Brittany hasn't called him back. She didn't want any part of these social shenanigans.

Blown Off!

10/13/2016 download 

Karin and Sammy met through friends and snapchat. It got super flirty. They went mini golf but Sammy hasn't called Karin back. This man did NOT want to be handled.

Blown Off!

10/12/2016 download 

Dean met Samantha at Longhorn, she was his server. They went to Pinchasers, had some drinks and pizza. He had a fun time but he chased more than pins. She hasn’t called him back.

Blown Off!

10/11/2016 download 

Naya and Trey met on Tinder and it got super flirty. They went out and she came home with him. He hasn't heard back. His friends found her a bit familiar.

Blown Off!

10/10/2016 download 

Scott and Kendra met through Plenty of Fish and went for endless shrimp. They pigged out. Maybe it was taken a little too far.

Blown Off!

10/07/2016 download 

Toby and Maris met through snapchat. They got a little flirty and went on a date to a house party but there were a few too many distractions. She didn’t call him back yet, but will she?

Blown Off!

10/06/2016 download 

Tommy and Katrina decided to have a Netflix night to watch the new Stranger Things series. She passed on him, because of something he kept passing.

Blown Off!

10/05/2016 download 

Dinah and Kevin met on Tinder and went to Bonefish for dinner. She hasn’t gotten a call afterwards. Kevin said there were a few too many fish on her plate.

Blown Off!

10/04/2016 download 

Matt and Laura met by adding each other on Facebook. They had a great date but he hasn't heard back from her. Were Laura's hope too tall?

Blown Off!

10/03/2016 download 

Blaine and Cara went to the movies for their first date after actually meeting by being the only two alone in a movie the week prior. Cara ended up alone again anyways! Find out what happened

Blown Off!

09/28/2016 download 

Monica and Dan met on Tinder and things got heated pretty quickly in her car. Maybe a little too steamy for Dan. Monica didn't mind though! We did not expect this!

Blown Off!

09/27/2016 download 

Darren and Sasha went out to Salt Rock Grill for dinner. He wanted to impress so he pulled out all the stops! She was going out of town the next day and he never heard back. Was it too much o

Blown Off!

09/26/2016 download 

Colton and Grace met through work. She's new so he asked her out for dinner before anyone could. She's was fine with a good Outback steak but that wasn't the case here.

Blown Off!

09/23/2016 download 

Jerome and Monique were all set to have a nice Saturday night! Well, Jerome hasn't heard back. Monique said he talked up a nice restaurant dinner, only problem is it wasn't just the two of

Blown Off!

09/22/2016 download 

Calvin and Gianna got together via mutual friends at a party. They had a great dinner at Mellow Mushroom but Calvin hasn't heard back. Gianna was turned off at the way this shady business man

Blown Off!

09/21/2016 download 

Kiki and Jared bumped into each other at the dog park. After their first date went great and even some parking lot fun, she hasn’t heard back. Maybe Kiki had her hopes a little too high? Or i

Blown Off!

09/20/2016 download 

Corey and Heidi met through friends and had a great date walking around in Hyde Park. There was a "Love Tap". Was this a hit n' run situation?

Blown Off!

09/19/2016 download 

Chris and Tessa met and went on a date. This was actually a second date at his family's cookout. She totally cut him off after. Maybe Tessa just couldn't take the family heat?

Blown Off!

09/16/2016 download 

Bianca and Rob met on Match and went for Yogurt. She has kids and he loves kids and that's a big thing for her but he hasn't called back. He was not expecting this!

Blown Off!

09/15/2016 download 

Vinny and Meagan met at the Drake show and he asked her to dinner. He took her to Golden Corral.. but that wasn't even the biggest issue with this date!

Blown Off!

09/14/2016 download 

Jeanette and Nate went on a dinner date to Tijuana Flats. It was great for Jeanette but Nate found her texts a little cryptic and Emojitional.

Blown Off!

09/13/2016 download 

Brent and Nisa went out for drinks in Ybor. His ex showed up and it got really awkward for Nisa.

Blown Off!

09/12/2016 download 

Santi and Devlin met at a church retreat. They went to see Suicide Squad on their first date but Devalin hasn't heard back. Santi says Devalin needs more Jesus in her life. The sin was real.

Blown Off!

09/09/2016 download 

Casey and Angela went out for drinks at Yard of Ale. She didn't call him back but he isn't sure why because there was magic in the air.

Blown Off!

09/08/2016 download 

Lucas and Donita met through Match and were both into running so they went on a run together at Riverwalk. What made Donita run away from calling him back?

Blown Off!

09/07/2016 download 

Antonio and Savannah had takeout and a movie night at his place. She noticed a ton of extra items around the house. Is he a clepto or just uses a lot of shampoo?

Blown Off!

09/06/2016 download 

Erica and Dave went on a date to a crazy day concert and ended back at his place. They hooked up that night and Erica hasn't heard back from him. She was too drunk to remember everything but

Blown Off!

09/02/2016 download 

Celeste and Adrian have a weird situation here and we aren't even sure what just happened. I think we got bamboozled???

Blown Off!

09/01/2016 download 

KJ met Stephanie on Tinder and they went to Lowry Park Zoo for nice date. KJ didn't hear back afterwards. This hairy situation needed a bit of taming.

Blown Off!

08/31/2016 download 

A classic meeting on Tinder with Joseph and Jenny. They texted and it turned into sending each other hot pictures pretty much immediately. The date was hot too but maybe for the wrong reasons

Blown Off!

08/30/2016 download 

Tobias and Kyla were set up through his sister. It was a blind. The date went well for him. What could go wrong? She was glad to see he looked normal at least. Was "normal" enough for Tobais?

Blown Off!

08/29/2016 download 

Keisha and Tyrone went on a date to Cheesecake Factory and they were both big football fans. She thought it went well but Tyrone has a different story that even had customers in the restauran

Blown Off!

08/26/2016 download 

Jacob and Kinslee saw each other continually while walking their dogs, so she invited him over. He want's to go on a real date but she won't commit and keep convos short now. A case of Netfli

Blown Off!

08/25/2016 download 

Josie met Mario through Plenty of Fish. He seemed great online but he was totally different in person, and seemed distant. Then SHE was blown off after the date. Booty Booty Booty was NOT roc

Blown Off!

08/24/2016 download 

Hector went out with Jodi after meeting at Beach Tampa. The date went great according to him. Jodi's story is a bit different, and she wasn't ready for the major plans he already had in store

Blown Off!

08/23/2016 download 

Lindsay and Declan met through Bumble and went to Starbucks for a small day date. Lindsay.. as in Lohan.. Hasn’t gotten a call back!

Blown Off!

08/22/2016 download 

Justin and Hallie got set up through a mutual friend. His friend told him some info about her beforehand as talking points and the date went well he thought. He hasn't heard from her again. S

Blown Off!

08/19/2016 download 

Terrance and Lindy met through friends and hung out all night during a trip to Siesta Key. They ended up at his place the next day for a movie night with Netflix...but he's wondering where th

Blown Off!

08/18/2016 download 

Blown Off

Tasha and Rob went to Casita but she hasn't heard back. Why? It's for something we probably all guilty of!

08/17/2016 download 

Shane and Vanessa met through "Friends you may know on facebook". They loved Sports and The Olympics and went out for some wings and talked about the female swimmer athletes. Shane hasn't hea

Blown Off!

08/16/2016 download 

Shane and Vanessa met through "Friends you may know on facebook". They loved Sports and The Olympics and went out for some wings and talked about the female swimmer athletes. Shane hasn't hea

Blown Off!

08/16/2016 download 

Blown Off!

Diego and Natalie went out a few weeks ago and even went on this second date. After all that Diego hasn't heard back. She was being weird during their movie, maybe his kissing was a turn off.

08/15/2016 download 

Nicole and Tom went on two dates, the second being a scary movie night at her place. Tom didn't end up leaving her house that night but it's not exactly what he had hoped for!

Blown Off!

08/10/2016 download 

Clarissa and Joaquin are both into fitness and Clarissa wanted to do Acroyoga in a park for their first date. Joaquin was all about it, hey, he gets to touch her body and be up close on the f

Blown Off!

08/09/2016 download 

Paul and Desiree met on Plenty of Fish. Both being adventurous, they went go-karting. They left with plans to meet again but he hasn’t heard back.

Blown Off!

08/08/2016 download 

Steve and Alex met out in Ybor and exchanged numbers. They went on a double date with Alex’s friend and her boyfriend. The date went well, they kissed, and Steve hasn’t heard back.

Blown Off!

08/05/2016 download 

Candice and Jeremiah went for drinks at Bonefish. They had lively discussion, had some great appetizers, and they talked about Kim Kardashians. He disappeared afterwards and she hasn’t heard

Blown Off!

08/04/2016 download 

Allie met Dominic at a party. They both love yard sale-ing and went out searching together. She lent him money to get a cute dining room table and chairs that they found. It was a blast. She

Blown Off!

08/03/2016 download 

Frankie met Jaylin through Tinder. They went to the Crowbar in Ybor together for some drinks. He got tipsy and had to Uber home. Jaylin hasn't called him back.. Could it be that he was more t

Blown Off!

08/02/2016 download 

Cameron and Geneva work together and went out together for drinks. They went on a walk and it really went well he thought but he never sees her at work anymore and she hasn’t kept in touch.

Blown Off!

08/01/2016 download 

Sam and Rachelle met on Plenty of Fish and went out to Ceviche in St. Pete. He can’t figure out what happened because dinner was amazing. Kiss, text next day, but now nothing else. Rachelle d

Blown Off!

07/29/2016 download 

Mitch and Tia met through Ok cupid. They grabbed some lunch at Ciccio's Water. They both have young sons and had a lot in common, but he hasn't gotten any responses from her since. She's unha

Blown Off!

07/28/2016 download 

Laneeka and Charles were introduced, followed each other on Instagram, and ended up hanging out at a pool party. Laneeka hasn't heard back. Charles couldn't take her seriously after what she

Blown Off!

07/27/2016 download 

Derek and Lilly went to dinner, bottle of wine, great convo and all. No kiss at then end though, and he hasn't heard back since. She was disgusted by something at dinner, find out what it was

Blown Off!

07/26/2016 download 

Blown Off!

Mikayla met Will through coworkers and went for sushi in Downtown St. Pete. We get ahold of her and try to figure out why she hasn’t heard back from him. He thought she was immature. Find out why.

07/25/2016 download 

Reina and Seth were matched via her mom. They went out to dinner and then back to her place but she hasn't heard back. She says they had fun at her place and all seemed fine! Seth says otherw

Blown Off!

07/22/2016 download 

Trevor was blown off by Ariana. He said it went great, they had dinner at his favorite buffet place. He said everything was cool! Could the buffet part be what turned her away or something el

Blown Off!

07/21/2016 download 

Dean and Chachi both liked Pixar movies and went to see Finding Dori. They had a blast but after the movie Chachi went home rather than getting drinks like they planned. No text back since. C

Blown Off!

07/20/2016 download 

Brent met Olivia met at First Friday and went out to Bella Brava on a first date. It was the perfect romantic date according to him. No kiss goodbye, NOTHING. He was curious but figured she t

Blown Off!

07/19/2016 download 

Brandon met Callie through friends and had mutual friends in the gay community. They went to the St. Pete Pride parade together and she seemed really into it. They went back to change clothes

Blown Off!

07/18/2016 download 

Brianna met david through Tinder and they went for dinner and drinks around DTSP. She hasn't heard back. David says Brianna is NOT what he signed up for. Hear why and also what he saw in her

Blown Off!

07/08/2016 download 

Sierra was blown off by Gage after their first date. She said it was legitimately a great date. He even texted her back early the next day to say he had a good time. Find out why he didn't of

Blown Off!

07/07/2016 download 

Billy and Heaven went on a date to Hofbrauhaus. He didn't order a beer. While she went to the bathroom he did something that made her say NO WAY. Billy hasn't heard back.

Blown Off!

07/06/2016 download 

Jose met Caroline on Instagram. They went for medianoches and ended up back at his place but Caroline left in a hurry after being at his apartment for only 10 min! Find out why.

Blown Off!

07/05/2016 download 

Georgia and Brett flirted for months. They finally got together after off and on correspondence. His friends think he's super lucky because Georgia is SO attractive. Brett blew her off. You'l

Blown Off!

07/01/2016 download 

Erica met Damien on Tinder and they had a great date! They even hooked up that night after some drinks. She's only gotten a few short text replies since. It's been two weeks. She's confused b

Blown Off!

06/30/2016 download 

Travis & Melanie Met at a BBQ. They went on a first date to a pool party. Travis didn't hear back from Melanie after. Find out why.

Blown Off!

06/29/2016 download 

Mark and Perrie met on Match. Mark says they had a great dinner and things even got crazy back at his place. Maybe a little too crazy though because Mark hasn't heard back.

Blown Off!

06/28/2016 download 

Winnie & Ross – For their first date Winnie and Ross went to the movies. Ross had a MAJOR problem with the movie theater. Why? Find out with Blown Off!

Blown Off!

06/27/2016 download 

Lamar went on a pizza date with Darci after meeting on Plenty Of Fish. He said it went great and they had a nice conversation together. He hasn't heard back from Darcy. We get Darcy on the ph

Blown Off!

06/24/2016 download 

Gretchen met TJ at a work team building event. They decided to go out on a date to Pelican Pub. She hasn't heard back and TJ has some odd reasons to why.

Blown Off!

06/23/2016 download 

Mina met Blaise on Tinder and the first date went well she thought. They even made out at the end of the date! She hasn't heard back from him AT ALL despite multiple texts.

Blown Off!

06/22/2016 download 

Zachary & Paloma- Zachary met Paloma at the Ellie Goulding concert and hit it off on a night out afterwards. They went back to his place where he offered her a massage. Now he hasn't heard ba

Blown Off!

06/21/2016 download 

Graham & Cameron- Graham met Cameron through his sister. He thinks she's hot. He took her coffee but they did talk about his sister a lot. He thought it went well but hasn't heard back.

Blown Off!

06/20/2016 download 

Davis & Michelle- They met on and went on a picnic, he stole something but it wasn't her heart!

Blown off!

06/17/2016 download 

Bridget and Teddy- Bridget didn't hear back from Teddy because she threatened his life. Find out how with Blown Off.

Blown Off!

06/16/2016 download 

Porter & Scarlett – After going to the Sunset Music Festival and hooking up, Scarlett didn’t respond to any texts from Porter because of this one thing he did in bed!

Blown off!

06/15/2016 download 

Blown Off!

Emma & Jason – Emma made a comment about her eggs (like her reproductive eggs) that totally turned Jason off. What did Emma say?

06/14/2016 download 

Gabe & Roni – After a night out in Downtown St. Pete Roni wanted NOTHING to with Gabe after he did something to her outside the club that night.

Blown off!

06/10/2016 download 

Ella & Aiden – They met at a Humane Society event and decided to grab coffee after but Aiden found someone else he liked better. You will NOT believe the reason why he likes his other girl.

Blown Off!

06/09/2016 download 

Omar & Aggie – They met through Craigslist Missed Connections and ended up at the Green Lemon in South Tampa. Omar ended up doing something with the queso that disgusted Aggie.

Blown Off!

06/08/2016 download 

Blake & Natalie – Natalie saw that Blake has an affliction for something odd. She just couldn’t get down with it.

Blown Off

06/07/2016 download 

Nina & Nicholas – After hearing her theory on reptilian shape shifters, Nicholas did NOT want a second date with Nina.

Blown Off

06/06/2016 download 

Diego & Carla – After meeting through mutual friends and going on a date, Carla felt like Diego went too far with this one thing while on their first date.

Blown Off

06/03/2016 download 

Steven & Xavier – After their first date they had a “fun” night back at Xavier’s house. BUT Xavier caught Steven doing something in private that you should NEVER do after a hookup.

Blown Off

06/02/2016 download 

Mia & Jay – After meeting on Tinder and having a causal date at the Tampa Premium Outlets, Jay didn’t want a second date with Mia because of her XXX Snapchat messages. You won’t believe what

Blown off!

06/01/2016 download 

Mason & Kylie – Kylie wanted NOTHING to do with Mason when he drunkenly revealed he wanted to seek revenge on his brother in a very illegal way.

Blown off!

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Jennica & Kurt – Kurt wanted NOTHING to do with Jennica after she mentioned this weird booty exercise. Would you be down with this?

Blown Off!

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Mo & Amari – Mo lied about why he couldn’t go on the second date and Amari was PISSED! Would you be okay with this lie? Hear why Mo was BLOWN OFF by Amari now!

Blown off!

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Rhett & Sarah – They met on Honeymoon Island and had such an amazing connection Rhett asked Sarah out on a date. They went to Bahama Breeze and everything seemed to clicked. By the end of the

Blown Off

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Calista & Lamont – Calista met Lamont through mutual friends and they really seemed to hit it off. After dinner, they had a heavy make out session in the car. Once we chatted with Lamont, he

Blown off!

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Travis & April – Travis and April both have kids at the same daycare. They decided to go out on a date. April told us that she was embarrassed by the date Travis planned for them. Would you f

Blown Off

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Kyle & Jocelyn – They met on Tinder and decided to have drinks at Ferg’s in Downtown St. Pete. Once we chatted with Jocelyn we found out that Kyle lied about what he does for a living. What’s

Blown off

05/20/2016 download 

Mike & Tana – They met at Kahwa in Tampa and randomly made a connection. Mike took Tana on their first date to Ulele. She didn’t text him back for a second date because of something he texted

Blown Off

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Elaine and Colin - Game Of Thrones Fan

Blown Off

05/18/2016 download 

Jerry & Shawna – They met through mutual friends and actually went out on a couple of dates. They both were big fans of Beyoncé and decided to hit up her show at The Ray Jay. After the concer

Blown Off

05/17/2016 download 

Jasmine & Ian – Jasmine met Ian through They had such great conversations, she invited him over for dinner. He thought that it was weird that Jasmine had little boxes hidden all ov

Blown Off

05/16/2016 download 

Juan & Cara – Juan didn’t understand why he hadn’t heard back from Cara after their wonderful date at Chili’s in Port Richey. Cara told us that Juan actually was trying to scheme people out o

Blown Off

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Nick V Zoe – After their pedicure date, Nick took Zoe to lunch in Tampa. He never heard from Zoe after that. We chatted with Zoe and found out that Nick came off as a bit of a creeper, why? F

Blown Off

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Shane met Kelsey when they were involved in a fender bender. They exchanged numbers and decided to go out to Ciniebistro on a date! Kelsey told us that Shane did the unspeakable with the coup

Blown Off - Shane & Kelsey

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Sadie met Roman though accident at her apartment complex. Their quick meeting was so magical, they exchanged numbers and went out on a date. Roman ghosted Sadie and he was nowhere to be found

Blown Off_Sadie & Roman

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Mark met Callie on Plenty Of Fish and ended up going out on a their first date at Buffalo Wild Wings. We found out that Callie blew Mark off because of something he did inside her shower BEFO

Blown Off – Mark & Callie

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Luke and Joelle met at the Grilled Cheese Festival in Tampa. They went to Gigi’s Cupcakes for their first date. Luke hasn’t heard back from Joelle, we’ve got to find out why in Blown Off!

Blown off

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Blown Off Russel and Hailey

Blown Off Russel and Hailey

05/05/2016 download 

Blown off Tamara and Hayden

See what happens!

05/04/2016 download 

Blown Off Jeremy and Lauren

Blown Off

05/03/2016 download 

Blown Off: Gavin and Rayna

Rayna and Gavin, went to Outback for dinner but it may have been the worst dinner ever

04/29/2016 download 

Blown Off: Jana and Blaine

We feel so bad for Jana, she’s been blown off by Blaine because of something that happened when she was in the bathroom

04/26/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Clint & Paige

Clint has never met Paige but he has still been blown off. The reason why will shock you!

04/25/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Michaela and Brendan

You know it's just not meant to be when you argue over machetes and oreos.

04/22/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Kevin and Vanessa

Kevin and Vanessa met at the food and wine fest but there's just one problem ... Kevin is gross!

04/21/2016 download 

Blown Off?! Jimmy and Terri

Jimmy thought he had a great date with Terri but what he did at the beach was just unacceptable!

04/20/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Rachel and Dominic

Rachel is very in touch with her astronomical signs but why was this date just not in stars?

04/19/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Alyssa and William

Alyssa is a strong independent woman that considers herself to be a ...

04/18/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Nassley and Jason

This might be one of the strangest reasons for a blown off we've ever heard!

04/15/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Chloe and Sam

Most people like to remember their date with picture, not by documenting the entire thing. But not everyone is Chloe!

04/14/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Jared and Madison

Madison and Jared hooked up, and everything was fine until she came across "The Hounds of Justice".

04/13/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Staci and Tyrell

What ridiculous thing did Tyrell consider a "deal breaker" after having dinner with Staci. Is he right?

04/12/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Antonia and Yancy

They had a tenancy to make out in parking lots but, what stopped these make out sessions will surprise you.

04/05/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Izzy and Connor

Connor though he was being funny after they went to a comedy show but Izzy was no fan of his jokes.

04/04/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Jaycee and Breck

They spent an entire weekend together but this could be one of our most messed up Blown Off's yet.

04/01/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Cassandra and Dante

They a VIP date at the Lightning game but what happens in VIP doesn't stay in VIP.

03/31/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Lacey and Nole

How did the great debate of "Coldslaw" vs. "Coleslaw" ruin a date? Let's find out.

03/30/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Amanda and Drew

Amanda hasn't heard from Drew. Until now, when he explains the troubles he's been going through.

03/29/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Megan and Tate

Tate made the first move on their date but it was also ... the last move!

03/28/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Leanee and Ross

Leanee and Ross went out on a blind date, but when we got them on the phone a confession was made we didn't expect.

03/25/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Whitney and Dan

How did the whip and nay nay cause a divide between Whitney and Dan?

03/24/2016 download 

Blown Off!? Kevin and Eva

Kevin and Eva go to Disney but afterwards Captain Stabbin shows up!

03/23/2016 download 

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