All The Hits

You've heard your favorite songs on Hot 101.5, now hear them butchered by Miguel and Holly. Headphone Karaoke Happens live every Friday at 8:30am.

Heres how it works, and you're involved so listen up!

    - On Friday morning Miguel and Holly will figure out who is singing what and determine a consequence for who the worst singer is that week.

    - Each of them then must sing their song with headphones on so only they hear the music and we all hear their, dare I say angelic, voices.

    - Now is when you come in. Voting then opens right on this page! You'll only have until 5pm that same Friday to vote.

    - The following Monday the loser must perform/eat/do whatever that consequence is!

Its that simple. Now watch the videos below to get a taste of what Headphone Karaoke is!


Headphone Karaoke Videos